Cortana is one of the biggest features in Windows 10 and yet there is little known about it until now. When you purchase a new laptop or desktop, this great feature will come into your home and it will provide a new element to your PC.

As the Roanoke Valley continues to grow in technology, I wanted to share a few great tips to help make the best use of Windows 10, let’s dive right in!

How to enable or disable Cortana on Microsoft Edge
Cortana on Microsoft Edge is not a different version of the experience on the desktop. It’s actually the same Cortana that you know and love, just extended to the web browser.
While there aren’t any specific settings you need to configure to start using the assistant on the browser, you’ll need to enable the experience if it’s disabled manually.

To enable or disable Cortana on Microsoft Edge, do the following:
Open Microsoft Edge.
Click the menu button. It’s the three dots button on the top-right.
Click Settings.
Scroll down and click View advanced settings.
Turn on or off the toggle switch for the “Have Cortana assist me in Microsoft Edge”option.

How to use Cortana on Microsoft Edge
Microsoft has integrated Cortana on Edge in a non-intrusive way. Once the feature is enabled, you won’t see the assistant until it makes sense. When it makes sense, you’ll notice Cortana’s circular icon jumping up and down in the address bar at which point you can simply click the address bar to interact with the assistant.
Although Cortana is always evolving and future updates may introduce a different set of functionalities, there are four main scenarios where you’ll see Cortana trying to offer suggestions in the address bar, including:
Planning to dine out: When you’re planning to eat out, and you visit a restaurant website, Cortana will be able to offer information, such as hours, contact details, directions, and menu.
Shopping online: On online retailers websites (e.g., Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Staples, eBay, Macy’s), Cortana can assist you by offering discount coupons for certain items that can save you money.
Websites with apps: When you’re a visiting a website and Cortana knows it has an app that helps you make things easier, the assistant will tell you where to download the app.

Watching music videos: Whenever you’re watching a music video, the assistant can also pull up the lyrics of the song or a link to listen or buy the song from various sources, including Groove, Amazon, and iTunes.
How to get quick answers using Cortana on Microsoft Edge
Cortana can also provide assistance when you’re visiting a web page, and you want to know more about a certain topic. On any web page, you can highlight a word, phrase, or even an image to get more information.
To know more about a topic or to define a word, do the following:

Highlight the word, phrase, or image.
Right-click the content and select Ask Cortana.
When asking Cortana about a topic, you’ll see a flyout jumping from the right surfacing relevant data about. For example, if you’re asking about a particular location, you’ll see a map, information usually pulled from WikiPedia, weather, images, and related search results.