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What about business support? We do that as well. We actually have worked and continue work with several small to medium companies in Southwest Virginia. We offer support for Point of Sales systems, VPN networks and tunnels, networking, server system setup and installations, network printing and more. Whether you own a restaurant, a storefront or other businesses Computers in Roanoke can see to your networking needs.

Virus Protection & Removal

In today’s online environment, viruses are everywhere. You can never be too safe. We can remove pre-existing viruses as well as set you up to prevent more in the future. We equip you with the most efficient virus protection and make sure you know how to continue to keep your system safe.

Data Back Up

Backing up your data is vital. No one wants to think of the worst case scenario, being your system crashing… but unfortunately these things do happen. We can make sure you’re prepared by having all of your files on back up.

Software Training/ Support

Not only do we service your company’s systems but we teach you and your employees along the way. We want to make sure you to understand the software we set up for you and continue to benefit from it long after we leave. We’ll guide you through getting the most out of your commercial computer system.

Computer Repair

Having a hardware issue can be a real pain, but we’re here to help you. We offer repair for desktops, laptops, thin clients and workstations. No matter what the problem we offer a solution. From RAM to replacing hard drives, network cards, CD/DVD/BluRay Drives, graphic interface cards, and so much more. Setting up a new printer? We help with that too. Many people in south western Virginia use our services to get their printer working quickly and efficiently. We work with wireless printers, wired printers and network printers. We are more than happy to schedule a visit to get your printer operational on your PC network.

Security Camera Support/ Training

We can help with any home or business security camera setup and as well as troubleshoot any issues you may have with them. From repairing hard drive based systems to newer SSD based systems, replacing outdated cameras with newer models or running additional lines… we do it all!

  • Support of HD 1080p systems
  • Networking and new camera lines
  • Camera replacement
  • Upgrade larger a Hard-drive
  • Integrate into your network

DCJS ID #11-16966

Point of Sales Systems

We are one of the few companies in the Roanoke Valley, let alone South Western Virginia experienced in Point of Sales systems. From small to medium businesses, whether you’re needing a single stand alone unit or several locations with multiple units… we can help! We can also assist in upgrading existing units. When having an issue with your POS system, call our professionals to correct these issues quickly and efficiently. After all time is money! We have worked with several companies in the area, helping them grow or maintain their current systems.

Installing New Hardware/ Peripherals

Have you purchased a new device but don’t know what to do next? We can get it set up for you. We will also make sure you understand all the ins and outs to get the most out your new purchase.

New & Refurbished Systems

Computer in Roanoke offers great deals on used and refurnished desktops and laptops. Not only do we sell you the hardware but make sure that you’re set up with what you need to get rolling.

Computer Monitoring

Need to know how your employees are using on your computers? We can set up restrictions and monitoring to make sure they stay on task and off of unwarranted sites.

Purchasing Assistance

When purchasing new computers and/or devices, the options can be overwhelming. We use the information given in your consultation to pick the best equipment and programs to accommodate all of your needs. We make sure you don’t overspend on items that you won’t use and that your system is perfect for the set up you want.

Inventory Control/ Management

Tracking your inventory costs/needs is a vital for any business. We can set up simple processes to help manage and control your inventory so that it’s easy to understand. By doing this you keep a close eye on your profits, as well as find ways to cut costs.

Costs Control Management

With over 35 years of experience in the retail/hospitality field, our technicians know the best ways to find where you may be losing profits in your operations. We set up monitoring systems to insure you are charging your clients correctly for the services your providing.


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